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Where are you?

You've got a great bike and now you want to travel with it. You need a bike box but lets be honest - most of the time it's just going to sit there in the corner of the back bedroom gathering dust...

The Smart answer...

Why buy when you can hire from a fellow enthusiast near to you? Either collect it or pay them to drop it round. Also, if you already have a box or are thinking of buying one then put it to work to earn it's keep!

We offer a great solution to those who need access to a bike box but can’t store one and those who have a bike box but rarely use it or want to benefit from hiring it out to others.

Let us deal with the practical bits so you can get on with the fun stuff

If you're part of a club, you can manage all your bookings through us and restrict your equipment for hire to just your own members if you prefer - leave the practical stuff to us whilst you get on with the training and racing.


Taking the hassle out of travelling with your sports equipment. How it works


Search for a item available near you on the dates you want


Book the item online via our secure payment system


Pack your bags, pay any deposit and pick up the item and go


Return the item to the owner and get your deposit back

Now I dont have to feel so guilty about owning a bike box as it's already paid for itself