A bit of the back story so you understand why this site exists and what our thinking was to put in the hours to make it what it is

About BikeBoxBuddy

Bike Box Buddy was set up with the aim of making travelling with your bike that much easier. Over the last few years I have always found it a hassle trying to get hold of a bike box for when I travel.

My flat is too small to keep a bike box so I always need to resort to emailing and calling round friends trying to borrow a box, and as I am sure you can appreciate there are certain times of the year when this proves difficult! So this web site has essentially be born out of frustration and is targeted at helping others track down and book a bike box months before their trips.

On the flip side of that owners of bike box’s who have invested in these expensive bits of kit can now make their bike box pay for itself by renting it out to fellow triathlon and cycling enthusiasts for a bit of a profit, as far as I can see this is a win win scenario.

Meet Alan

For those who are interested I am based out of Wandsworth, London and am a mad keen triathlete and cyclist.

I am a member of a running and triathlon club called the Clapham Chasers and am a part time coach with Embrace Sports a young and friendly company offering running, triathlon and cycling holidays.

Sport has always been a massive part of my life and setting up a company that was involved in triathlon and cycling has been a dream of mine and hence I struck upon the idea of Bike Box Buddy.

Please feel free to contact me at hello@bikeboxbuddy.com if you have any feedback or ideas to offer as I want to make this site as easy to use and as helpful as possible.

Thanks and Happy Training, Alan Scott

Meet Dave

I've known and worked with Alan for several years and hope we have created a truly worthwhile resource.

I enjoy the site development and IT aspects of the BikeBoxBuddy but also have a keen interest in promoting the human side of hire-share (as opposed to constant consumerism) and limiting negative environmental impact.

I will always champion ideas and projects which promote positive energy, and most of all, keep people active!